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Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

nature based names or names based on their gods

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Elvhen Common


The Elves were one of the two native species to Thedas alongside the dwarves and was the dominant race above ground. The Elves' society was based on nature, the Fade, and Magic. After an attack from the early Tevinter Imperium the Elvhen cities were destroyed and the people were taken as slaves causing them to lose most, if not all, of their cultural heritage and identity. There was an attempt to rebuild in the Dales but it fell to one of the Chantry's Exalted Marches causing the race to separate into two groups the Dalish, who live nomadic lives trying to keep the ancient culture alive and the City Elves, who live alongside humans as impoverished outcasts.   There are elves still in Tevinter as slaves and some even joined the Qunari hoping for better lives. The elves are now, unfortunately, associated with poverty, crime, and barbarism and as scapegoats for humanity's difficulties. Ancient humans called them "Rattus" (a slur) though modern humans use slurs like "knife ears", "slant-eared", and (less cruelly) "rabbit".   Most Elvhen language has been lost

Scientific Name
Homo Serenus

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