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The Dragon of Silence Dumat

Holy Books & Codes

the Verses of Dumat

Mental characteristics

Personal history

In -2800 Ancient the Old Gods, including Dumat, began whispering to humanity from the Golden City. They taught the Neromenian dreamers magic, and these dreamers became the priests and rulers of their people. According to the Chantry, the worship of the Old Gods was the Original Sin.   The early human kingdom of Barindur is said to have completely vanished in -1610 Ancient after losing favor with Dumat. Only a path and bare rock remain.   According to Archon Thalsian, Dumat was responsible for teaching him blood magic in -1595 Ancient.   Like the other Old Gods, Dumat endorsed the ancient Tevinter Magisters attempt to reach the Golden City and spoke to the High Priest of Dumat, Sethius Amladaris who used the alias, "The Conductor of Silence" and told them to join in the endeavor.   According to the Chantry, after the fall of the magisters in -395 Ancient (800 TE), the first darkspawn burrowed into Dumat's underground prison and the Old God was corrupted and transformed into the Archdemon, launching the First Blight. Some ancient lore says it was the other way around: it was Dumat who created the darkspawn and led them against Thedas, not the darkspawn who created the archdemon.   Some time after -305 Ancient (890 TE) Dumat was killed by a group of Ander soldiers while he was on the run from a Warden offensive but the celebrations were cut short when Dumat returned unharmed. In the years that followed, scholars learned that the Archdemon's death had only forced its soul to relocate into the body of the nearest darkspawn.   Dumat was finally slain by Grey Wardens at the Battle of Silent Plains in -203 Ancient (992 TE), the Wardens having learned by that point that only a death blow dealt by one of their Order would prevent the Archdemon's resurrection in a new host body. Records do not say who exactly gave up his soul to destroy Dumat, for many Wardens struggled against him, and the Archdemon's very death throes slew seven or more of them.[8]   Following his defeat, Dumat's remains were kept at Weisshaupt Fortress. In -189 Ancient (1006 TE), Senior Warden Sashamiri used Dumat's blood to trap Corypheus in the Vinmark Mountains. She then destroyed the remains.   The First Blight Dumat led was unparalleled in its devastation, and is remembered in history as the longest and bloodiest Blight in recorded history. Dumat's darkspawn horde very nearly overran Thedas and annihilated its people; the arrival of the Grey Warden order was what turned the tide of the war, and even then it took the sacrifice of many Wardens to slay Dumat and drive back the darkspawn host.   Evidence suggests Dumat lives on in some form. There are those who still worship him faithfully, such as Corypheus once did, and it has been shown that those who are faithful to him and call upon him for aid receive it more often than not in the form of imbued magical power, or even physical items if sacrifices are made

Divine Classification
The Old Gods
Biological Sex

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