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Bull's Chargers


Iron Bull was originally a mercenary working for a company known as Fisher's Bleeders. Apparently, the captain of the company by the name of Fisher was not very good, and so Iron Bull took the best of his men and founded his own company; he called it the Bull Chargers. However, he founded the company whilst acting on orders from his superiors in the Ben-Hassrath. The company acts as a front, accepting contracts from Orlesian nobles and then relaying the gathered intelligence back to the Ben-Hassrath. Being a Qunari, Iron Bull couldn't be picky about who he should hire and so he accepted anyone who got his back and earned their keep, no matter race, age, or origin.   The Bull's Chargers became known across Orlais, Nevarra, the Free Marches, and Ferelden; and have become one of the most prestigious mercenary companies in all of Thedas. The company has less than fifty standing members and as a result they specialize as shock troops and skirmishers. Their creativity in solving problems and the diversity of its members are among its more remarkable characteristics. Its hodgepodge members are fiercely loyal to the Iron Bull, whether they are led into battle or into taverns.

Guild, Fighter / Mercenary
Alternative Names
The Chargers
Training Level
The Iron Bull

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