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Dorapan is a hospitable planet, homes to humanoids, monsters, spirits, and machines alike. It has varying environmental temperaments, from extreme heat to frozen tundras, and is covered in a good deal of water. It has five main continents which are listed below.  
  • Cirian: (Pronounced See-ree-an)
  • Cirian is a warm-climated continent that has a wide range of biological diversity. The eastern half of Cirian is known for its expansive plains and occasional deserts, while the eastern side is known for its massive forests and glacial biomes.
  • Agent: (Pronounced Ay-jent
  • Agent is a cold-climated continent, located far north of Cirian. It is covered in tundras, deciduous forests, and vast glacial expanses. The land here is rich in minerals and metals, making them a hotspot for trading.
  • E'otox: (Pronounced Ee-oh-toks)
  • Habrith: (Pronounced Hey-breth)
  • Giugrend: (Pronounced jee-oo-grend)