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A dangerous and gorgeous world, Domhain is home to many exotic continents and environments. Societies of all kinds make their home on the surface, and terrifying, potent magic runs through the people and land. There's a deep, rich history here, waiting to be discovered, and more than enough threats to keep heroes in high demand.   At current, the continent of the highest interest is Zentarro, which boasts several of the world's most populated nations. This continent is currently in a state of discord and chaos due to trade wars happening around the year 748 A.C. These wars have made roads and even some cities dangerous. Valenheim, an alpine country controlled by guilds, is often the one contacted to employ services of all kinds, while the desert country of Balbaat is the heart of trade on the continent, being most central. A rugged mountain country, Bjon, is being invaded by Balbaat for access to its mines. The southeast corner of the continent is full of tropical jungles and home to many warring tribes. For now, the war has left it alone. Finally, to the north, there's a mostly desolate, snowy country, but due to being bordered by nearly impassible mountains and no known major settlements, many believe it to be void of civilized life.