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King Kazimir

King Kazimir is the King of Dobrava. He is in his 40s.   King Kazimir lives in a castle in the capital city of Dobrava, on the east coast. He is knowledgeable and well-informed on his country, and has a very good understanding of the threat posed by the Empire. He wants to avoid all-out war at all costs, though not for his nation. His primary concern is his own power.   King Kazimir represents a good man corrupted by power. Instead of doing what he can for others, he considers what furthers his own ends first. At the start of the story he has already done unforgivable things, like eradicate the last remaining members of Morrow's order. Though he also tries to hold himself to some morality. As the story goes on and his own power is threatened more and more, he lets go of any notions of morality and does whatever it takes to keep power.


  King Kazimir's youth was spent living as a prince, getting almost anything he wanted. He views the world through greedy eyes as a result. His youth also involved sword training and a first-class education.   As king he has made several acts. He has outlawed the worship of old gods, meaning the gods that were worshipped by the Celtic inspired people but not Dobravans. He used this as justification to destroy the order of werewolf hunters for worshipping the Master of the Hunt. He also pushed propaganda against folkloric creatures and banned them from entering large cities.


  King Kazimir is proficient with swordfighting and has an ornate gilded sword on him at all times. Later in the story he becomes a werewolf, and is the only werewolf seen who utilizes a sword. In wolf form he retains much of his calculated fighting skill and swordplay, even as his mind is clouded.

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