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Shazana grew up in the closed-off druid village of Tabari with her mother who was the village's high priestess. In their village, it is believed that a druid woman of Cabrien can not properly understand or connect with the energy of birth and renewal until they have mothered a child of their own, so being the future high priestess Shazana is expected to have a child by the age of 50. The only problem being: Shazana is a lesbian. Her mother was deeply disappointed when this came to light, their relationship becoming rather strained as her mother struggled between their responsibility to their village and her love for her daughter. Her mother spent a long time communing with Cabrien and the wellspring, eventually coming up with a solution to their problem. If Shazana can't learn by the usual means then she was to be sent out into the world to connect to the energy of the earth by other means. Shazana, being young and never having left her forest wasn't happy with the idea, but given as she had no other choice she set out to find her connection.

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