Welcome to the universe of Diratia, a world designed to be an ultra realistic fantasy universe, including creatures and cultures from all around the world.

  Lead Designer, Illustrator and Editor:
Dylan L.-Dionne   Designer, Composer and Editorial Assistant:
Zachary Lavigne   Brainstorming Specialist:
Jean-Francois Barbe  
Heroic Experience Tester:
Jonathan Maille.
Fantasy Creature Illustrator:
Arianne Aranyani
Thanks to:
our Patrons & Backers.
Special Thanks to:
Francis L.-Clarkson, Stéphanie Leclerc,
and Mylène Mercure

Core Philosophy

    The universe of Diratia has been designed to be the most realistic fantasy universe possible, while keeping as much as possible of what fantasy brings. The idea behind this is to create a world that people can easily be immersed in and not be taken out of the story due to inconsistencies.

Everything in the world has a reason to be there and is built to be as realistic as possible. This world is fluid and constantly updated to stay aligned with the core philosophy of the world. If something is pointed out that does not make sense it will be rectified and be incorporated in the universe.

Community and Contributions

    We are completely open to contributions to Diratia from outside of our development team, as long as the contribution does not go against the philosophy, main timeline or already established events in the universe. Your product must include a clear and easily visible mention that it is based in the universe of Diratia and that it is an unofficial product.

If you contact us with your contribution, we might even add your creations to the canon of the Diratia Universe. We may ask you to make a few modifications for it to be approved, but once it is, you will be able to publish it with the mention of an official product.

You can also produce and sell products associated with Diratia, you are free to do so as long as you do not use assets created by Productions Diratia, without our written permission and by following the guidelines above.

By creating a product in the universe of Diratia, you are giving a commercial license to Productions Diratia, to use the content you have created, as they see fit. Productions Diratia retains all rights regarding their products including the right to change these terms in part or in full at any time.


  Diratia incorporates mythology from all cultures on earth and gets inspiration from many historic events.

Diratia has all kinds of species and races (groups of physically distinct individuals of the same species). Most of these are based on mythology from multiple cultures and some are completely fictional and invented by us. None of the species in Diratia outside of humans, are meant to be analogs to groups of people in the real world.

Diratia is not a perfect world and has horrible individuals and circumstances, same as earth, including but not limited to abuse, discrimination, and genocide. It does not mean we as developers encourage these types of behaviors, but we acknowledge their existence throughout history and believe it is better to understand these phenomena to prevent them in the real world. You are free to steer clear of any content that you do not feel comfortable exploring.

Even though horrendous acts can be committed, no species, group, or individual is inherently evil. Diratia has multiple religions and beliefs, like the real world. There are gods in the universe that physically interact with it and their disciples. These do not reflect our team’s religious beliefs or push any religious agendas. Again, religions in Diratia are often based on historical religions and events that happened around these.