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Trio Episode - Waterdeep Burns

General Summary

Korvan, Lyra, Malcer, and Pip made their way toward Waterdeep and upon its gates watched as Malcer, the wererat thief, was arrested for tax evasion. Through the inner gate and on Riverstreet, Korvan noticed he was being followed but managed to create an illusion to throw the elf off of his trail. When the group finally reached a reputable inn, having walked in together and remaining together for a meal, they were greeted by the fair lady of the Dagger's Rest, Tessele Swiftwater.   It was there that Lyra tried hot chocolate for the first time as the three discussed a potential future in one another's company. They discussed Pip's need for coin to purchase Adamantine which none other then The Cartophile offered to solve. Korvan and Lyra just wanted to keep their heads down but after accepting, they steered a supply run to Piatran's south but for her robbery; Piatran let Lyra keep a Ring of Three Wishes after reading her mind.   While Pip was at the Halls of Justice with a kindred worshipper Mortharn, Korvan and Lyra went to find a fence and found only trouble. When they found her friend Ai murdered in the slums of Waterdeep, they found the culprit to be none other then The Hood, alive and well. In a fit anger, Lyra's ring dedicated to Sauron forced her to make a wish and the wording she used caused The Hood's bombmaker to die and his shop to explode. The resulting secondary explosions caused the shop and a few hundred people in the surrounding area to die.   Korvan pulled Lyra away but she was forever changed and not simply by the necrotic energy that engulfed her arm for a time. Both conflicted, Korvan and Lyra locked themselves away in their room at the inn later, as Pip payed for their room and had food sent up.  

Part Two

As night approached, Korvan made his way over to Lyra as she slept and put three fingers upon the ring to steal it. The ring grew then and allowed Korvan to ease it off Lyra's finger. Korvan then thought it best to bundle the ring in cloth and stuff it down into the bottom of his pack.   Satisfied with his theft, Korvan slipped out the window and made his way to the Halls of Justice that Pip had gotten directions to in his presence and talk up to endearingly. Inside the walls of the temple of The Trio of Faerûn, Korvan was lead by the master of the temple, Master Boldirk, up the right staircase and to a metal door. Inside, the room seemingly lead through the rear wall as as the floor, thirty foot wide and ten foot in, lead to a stairway that ran the full lengths of the room, seemingly into nothingness. Down the stairs, Korvan and the entire room convalesced into a fifteen foot wide hall that ran forty foot to a reinforced wooden doorway; inside the door Korvan found himself in the Hall of Smite.   The Hall of Smite was a massive dwarven smithy that with flowing lava and arcane crafting stations fully capable of dismantling powerful magical artifacts. Within the Hall a dwarf clamped down on the ring with tongs and delivered it to a mage that informed Korvan and his escort that the ring was capable of highlighting allies, corrupting one's will, and informing its creator on the life and happenings of the bearer. Per the suggestion of those around, it was then that Korvan cast the ring into the lava far beneath the forges.   After a mage, a dwarf blacksmith and Boldirk watched the ring melt below, Korvan walked out with Boldirk and asked Boldirk if he could repay him. Boldirk then asked Korvan to look for a man he'd heard was asking about a child with unknown abilities of great capability and Korvan agreed.   Korvan journeyed to the Yawning Portal and spoke with a barkeep known as Durnan. After paying the man, Korvan was given a mirror, taken from a patron, and it allowed him to see a man Durnan called Dragon Hollow, a prior patron. It was then that Korvan resolved to attempt to look for the man who was heading into the area of the Dessarin Valley after a night's rest.

Rewards Granted

1000xp Part One
210xp Part Two (Korvan only)

Missions/Quests Completed

Encounter Lyra's Last Friend Complete

Character(s) interacted with

Mortharn, a dwarven paladin from the south and Piatran.


Notable Party Damage:

  • Korvan has bruises all over his back and torso from a hard day, as well as a scorch mark along his chest from a vial he crushed on The Hood's chest.
    Noted Effects: None
  • Lyra has a gash on her left shoulder from a crossbow bolt.
    Noted Effects: None
  • Pip is prestine.
    Noted Effects: None
The Cartophile.png
Report Date
30 Oct 2020
Primary Location
Dragon Hallow.jpg

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