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Sector 2814

Sector 2814 is one of 3600 sectors of which the Guardians of the Universe have divided the universe. Each sector is assigned one (or in the modern era two) members of the Green Lantern Corps., who are responsible for its safety and wellbeing.


Important Planets

  • Alderane System
  • Aoran
  • Archos
  • Athmoora
  • Dalgova
  • Garon
  • Heliopolis
  • Jotham
  • Kormorax
  • M'brai
  • Nideesi
  • Nok
  • Omnicron Ceti IV
  • Pharon IV
  • Scylla
  • Talkor
  • Ungara
  • The Vivarium
  • Ysmault
  • Zerbon
  • Solar System
Galactic Quadrant
Location under
Included Locations

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