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Duo Episode - In Xanathar's Eye

General Summary

Korvan and Lyra were taken into Castle Waterdeep as the Watch attempted to rescue Korvan. Saving his life, they were questioned by a constable that wasn't very thorough, a healer was later brought in to heal both Korvan and Lyra. Afterward, they went to the Yawning Portal where a cloaked and, unknown to them, Elminster stood nearby. A strangely fellow unknown to them, named Matt Mercer, passed by the hooded figure, gave a hello, and sat nearby as they ate. They were approached by The Cartophile about being hired, they discussed the potential as one of the Beestinger children interrupted them. They decided they wouldn't mind working for The Cartophile but a thief gave them a better option, to get their stuff back from Acquisitions Incorporated.   Early in the morning they encountered Môrgæn and Calaeriel walking drunkenly down the street. It was then that Lyra snuck up to stab Môrgæn but, as she reached for the dagger she took from three daggers alley, she found it to be missing. She then stole Môrgæn's dagger and was only able to cut the leather on the back of Môrgæn's pants before Môrgæn turned around and promptly cut Lyra across the stomach filled with fury. Môrgæn then spun the blade and cut Lyra from her left shoulder down her left arm, then her right shoulder and down her right arm. The thief Korvan and Lyra traveled with shot Môrgæn with a bolt but it only enraged her further as it pierced her left arm. Korvan then ran up, cast a cloud of darkness, dodged Calaeriel's sword with Lyra, and then urged her to run away.   Together they fled further into the morning. The thief help Lyra close wounds and heal her bruises with a potion. Still woozy from blood loss, Lyra's shirt fell apart but, having seen through her ruse, Korvan gave her his shirt.   After the three broke into Acquisitions Incorporated, Korvan came out with a broken dragon scale stolen from Môrgæn and Lyra came out with their stuff, Gilda's and Rushen's necklace. Thinking her necklace drained, which was all that she was there to ger, Lyra gave it to the thief in order to keep their possessions per a renegotiation of their earlier deal. Not wanting to possess anything of Môrgæn's, Korvan gave the scale to the thief as well.   As the timebells of Waterdeep struck three in the morning, they all entered into a secret cellar owned by the Xanathar's Guild. As new members of the nefarious gang, recruited by the wererat thief, they stayed for the night and awoke at eleven in the morning on the 10th of Alturiak in the Year of the Ageless One, 1479 DR.

Rewards Granted


Missions/Quests Completed

Encounter Xanathar Recruitment Completed


Notable Party Damage: (New Noted Section)

  • Korvan has bruises all over his back and torso from a hard day, as well as a scorch mark along his chest from a vial he crushed on The Hood's chest.
    Noted Effects: None
  • Lyra has a gash on her left shoulder from a crossbow bolt.
    Noted Effects: None
Report Date
25 Sep 2020
Primary Location

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