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alchemy, or  the magic of materials. has many different localized names, simply because it is the easiest to produce, even most children know how to follow a recipe, and this simplicity is what makes alchemy and the waste products of all advanced alchemical formulae, so common dangerous and destructive. but that simplicity does not mean alchemy isnt for the learned, to the contrary, while a specific talent in alchemy is rare, the magic is open for all learned individuals to theorize and advance not throe talent but throe hard work and ingenuity. alchemy has been dubbed the most versatile type of magic, both the simplest and with the potential to be the most complex.   connected to the deity known as Mikkel the maker alchemy, being the magic of all things material, was used to create the primary world, but its cost does not escape even the gods, for the use of alchemy corrupts that which it creates. and produces disastrously side effects. to enable the creation of the world Mikkel enlisted the help of Bloody Belial, to assist him. together Mikkel made the earth and seas and Belial gave them the life, the energy to bury and fight their own corruption, together they made the first life, creatures less complex even than bugs, and later creatures of pure material life and instinct, shaping themselves randomly with no purpose. Those were deemed destructive and locked under sea and earth as they enlisted the help of another being, formed beyond their realm Serias the seer who with them created complex life and with Mikkel he made the spirits who started to inhabit and govern the earths and seas and air together with other monsters moving not by force of life but by will and material corruption alone.   the cost of alchemy is divided to three parts, called the loss, the unwanted, and the reductive. the loss is simply the consumed material, many alchemical reactions cannot be reversed and any reaction makes existence less plentiful as a whole. the unwanted refers to the many waste products that can be created in a reaction, many of them connect to the third cost but not all, and while some unwanted products can be repurposed, many become dangerous waste. the reductive is the most complex cost, a type of negative existence, similar but not wholly like that primordial corruption from the birth of the world, that corruption can have many effects, destroyed land, sickness magical anomalies and the like, that corruption is the reason why many alchemical labs are constantly of the move, like the republic of gruns's mobile labs that travel the contryside spewing waste and corruption on their borders. many say the shadowlands were created by an alchemical anomaly gone horribly wrong, turning into an island wide catastrophe that destroyed those ancient lands. bedtime stories tell of mad alchemists that seek to use the corruption for their own magics, but those are just stories of madman and monsters, any reality to them will have to be horrific.   while still treated with fear, mainly because of the possible consequence of terrible accidents, alchemy is still the most popular magic with those of lower class or less access to magic, causing alchemy in Kingdome placeholder to become almost a symbol of rebellion for enemies to the throne, and as a horrid corruptive and self destructive practice by the nobles and their allies.


alchemical reactions take many shapes and forms, the minor ones don't always manifest as anything impressive at all, but major ones, especially ones that release large amounts of corruption, always take on unnatural looking properties such as yellow flames strangely moving liquids or contorting objects and are always accompanied or followed by blackish purple mist or steam, mostly understood as corruption being released partly.

Metaphysical, Arcane

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