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Tabaxi are catlike humanoids driven by curiosity to collect interesting artifacts, gather tales and stories, and lay eyes on all the world’s wonders. Their innate nature pushes them to leave no secrets uncovered, no treasures or legends lost. Tabaxi treasure knowledge rather than material things. A chest filled with gold coins might be useful to buy food or a coil of rope, but it’s not intrinsically interesting. In the tabaxi’s eyes, gathering wealth is like packing rations for a long trip. It’s important to survive in the world, but not worth fussing over.   Instead, tabaxi value knowledge and new experiences. Their ears perk up in a busy tavern, and they tease out stories with offers of food, drink, and coin. Tabaxi might walk away with empty purses, but they mull over the stories and rumors they collected like a miser counting coins. Although material wealth holds little attraction for the tabaxi, they have an insatiable desire to find and inspect ancient relics, magical items, and other rare objects. Aside from the power such items might confer, a tabaxi takes great joy in unraveling the stories behind their creation and the history of their use.   Tabaxi live in large, multi-familial clans and prefer warm climates to settle in.

Basic Information


Bipedial, humanoid felines

Genetics and Reproduction

Tabaxi give birth to litters of between 1 and 3 young which they carry for 5 months

Growth Rate & Stages

Children grow quickly, reaching adulthood at 16 years of age and holding lifespans comparable to humans

Ecology and Habitats

Most Tabaxi make their homes in temperate but warm climates. They prefer to make their homes in vertically challenging places such as mountains or in trees big enough to support construction and when tabaxi build on the ground they build their structures on stilts. Their innate climbing skill allows them to take advantage of the height as a defense against predators or enemies.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Tabaxi favour a diet high in meat. Their hedonistic tendencies lead a few to revel in excess where food is concerned.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Tabaxi tend to be matriarchal with their clan relying on the eldest and most experienced mother for wisdom

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Tabaxi are most commonly found living in the foothills of the Whitecap Mountains on Tahoma in Hivokia; In sprawling complexes above the ground in the jungles of Grond; and travelling the Astras savanna in Eshen

Civilization and Culture

Beauty Ideals

Tabaxi dye their manes bright colours to suit their capricious natures and to exhibit their wealth, the brightest most unnatural dyes being the most expensive.   With the advent of magical inks many Tabaxi in Hivokia in the employ of the Nameless have taken to changing their fur markings to works of art similar to the practice of tattooing.
80-90 years
Average Height
Average Weight
11st- 14st
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Orange, auburn, white, grey, black or sand with stripes, spots, mottling or no marking depending on the terrain they developed in
Related Ethnicities

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