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Deva is a realm abstract in nature, as to describe where and what it is would be the equivalent of describing an wavering and colorful abyss. Life is only found in a small portion of the realm itself, floating in the chaos, and inhabited by beings similar to creatures of myth and legend.   The plane of existence is divided into two sections separated by a translucent, spatial barrier. These places are known as the Over Realm and the Under Realm. The Under Realm occupies the bottom half while the Over Realm occupies the top half, but the Under Realm is actually solid foundation; the Over Realm grows over the very barrier that divides them. Certain elements thrive in each realm, shaping their terrain - the Over Realm is surrounded by an endless bright sky with light shining down, creating oases, grasslands, and deserts, while several volcanoes and bogs can be found further down; the Under Realm, by contrast, is almost pitch black, although light that manages to enter allows forests and fields to thrive in massive canyons (except for the caverns further underneath enormous seas and lakes surround plateaus, and further north are polar caps that exist in eternally arctic conditions.   The plane carrying the realms is constantly sustaining the flux of Deva’s chaos, yet it has been affected by the realm’s energies in both beneficial and malignant ways. In fact, because of its location, Deva exists on an entirely different plane of space and time from Earth. The result of this means that the races not only age at a slower rate than they should, but their development of civilization is also behind; most of them are still at a tribal level of society.   Deva is watched over by six mighty gods who each control a certain element. The gods of Deva are the pantheon force responsible for maintaining balance in both realms, although they are divided into two groups based on their place in Deva - three are called the Angels of the Over Realm, and the other three are the Demons of the Under Realm. Although they share the responsibility of overseeing Deva, the gods have rivalries amongst each other, especially the gods of light and darkness.   The various fauna that inhabits this realm were said to be created or born from the gods; thus, they exhibit traits similar to their maker. As for sapient life, there are a total of six races of chimeric beings, three in the Over Realm and three in the Under Realm. The six civilizations of the realm are each the progeny of a specific god. Therefore, they occupy the areas that their respective god controls. The races have even inherited magic from their progenitors in the form of elemental control, and share the sentiment their god has towards other gods and their races. These civilizations are normally organized as a tribe named after their patron god, although there are some exceptions. Aside from the six races, other beings do exist; however, they are either non-sentient or not at a similar level of civilization the main six are. These include mystical entities such as spirits, elementals, and daemons.

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