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Deadris is a world of Order and Chaos. Of Angels and Demons and the clashes between them. The world does not really have much in the way of actual gods. Rather they have higher beings of power than run the world. Aspects of the world usually have two angels looking over them, one for the side of order and the other for chaos. As many things are not pure good or evil this system reflects that. Some wars are fought for freedom, others conquest. Knowledge can heal the sick and exploit the weak. Duality is as engraved into the world as the air and seas that flow throughout it. There is only one actual God and they were the once that built the multiverse and the angels and demons that govern the world within. They are currently in slumber as they wished to no longer be burdened with the problems that were caused but their creation. Their essence is located throughout the realms but the majority is located in a secret location, known to no one.   The races that live among st the material realm are united and usually do not divide themselves over things as trivial as race. More often than not the cities and countries divide themselves based on perspective, beliefs and ideologies Cities will divide themselves on things such as work ethic, views on government and how to treat the population. Perhaps they will be divided between the growing divide between magic and technology. Some of these divides can be solved and dealt with through minor disagreements but some or so set in their ways that there have been many wars fought to destroy a belief from the world.   The three most powerful Factions that rule over most of Deadris in one way or another is the Kingdom of Nezist, The Humlous Empire and The Council 12. All three share differences in almost everything from magic use, government and economics. They are all currently at war to become the dominant in each field. The countries that are not apart of these three powers often are in constant danger of losing their culture and history.   Tucked away in its own nation, somehow away from the politicos from the other three factions, is the nation of Friar. Friar is different from the other nations of the world. With the foundation of Magi-tech Industries, Friar developed into the country. It is a nation that have figured out ways to modernize and civilize the fabric of the country. It is a country that is mostly neutral in the politics of the world, with the exception of their main export. That export being Adventurers. Since the way of life mirrors modern worlds, it can focus on stream lining the process in which they create heroes. All over the world there are heroes and adventurers that go off and aid cities, deities and powerful entities. The heroes trained in Friar are the greatest adventurers in the world because of this fact. These adventuring academy's are littered all around the country but the greatest and most prestigious is that of Professor Ro's Institute for the Adventuring. It is a school where student can learn, hone and manifest specific powers and skills to become the best adventurer in any situation. Students are taught by the greatest adventures of the past, have access to forbidden knowledge and have first dibs on any extracurricular adventures that they may wish. Students will be placed into an adventuring parties on their first day and will participate in team building exercises to create the perfect team for questing. The institute is meant to prepare student for all problems that they may face out in the field. It will be hard, it will be draining in both an emotional and physical ways, but the dividends will be vast. So if you believe yourself to be the next legends of the multi-verse, welcome to your first day at Ro's Institute for the Adventuring!

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