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This is a World inspired in Russia, more than just Slave culture , Russia englobes heritage from the mongol empire to the nordic seas. In this game the races are inspired in the multicultural historical heritage of the Russian World. The second inspiration for this world is Racism , and how much will you addere to the purity of your race if this give you more power, First the people, blessed with a natural inclination to natural element the people of this world have the capacity to control their elements , fire, ice, water, earth, wind, and tree. All this person are human in general just with small racial variants, but thir power over the elemnts creat task that we think as magic , are mundane practice for them. But the elemental blood can be mixed, first generation of a mixed blood are call metis , and they can control both their elements, son of ice and water , can control ice and water. But the curse of mix blood runs to the third generation , if one third element is added , the blood forget the relation with the elements an loose all their powers. Because of this the world is controled by rigid racial rules, Noble houses take care of their blood as a real asset, and special castes of people are breed for the usness or their mix powers.   This world seats over the heritage of a Great Nation. The Red empire use to governe from sea to sea , and build technological marvels that even now keep the world togheter, they build a gigantic network of trains that cross the eternal steeps , they build amazing fliying ships that governs the sky , they wipe the monsters from forest and mountaisn , they escae the grab of the world and travel to the moon , but in the end they bring the doom to their civilization . . . or at least thats what legends say.   Speaking about the moon, long time ago half the moon fell from the sky , the legends say that it was a curse against the red empire , others say that it was just a tragic natural event, but many whisper about the Empire of the Half Moon , in the shouth , and their religius cult that assure everyone , that just thir will keep the moon whitout totally falling.   This is a world of noble bloodlines, powerful religion and forgotten technology Blood , magic and technology

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