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May 2292 Imperial Declaration (Ihm-PEH-ree-uhl DEH-cluh-RAY-shun)

May 2292 Imperial Declaration
The May 2292 Imperial Declaration, otherwise known as the Imperial Declaration/Decree, was a formal announcement from the office of the Soldier King, informing the population that their nation, formerly known as "Das Soldatenreich", would thereby be retitled Das Kaiserliche Soldatenreich, or the Imperial Soldier's Realm.   This name change served no purpose but to bolster the Reich's international prestige, and no policies—foreign or internal—have changed as a result.


The Imperial Declaration was written to formally label the Soldatenreich as an empire, following the criteria set forth by empires before it. It is unlikely that many nations outside of the Reich will recognize its new title, though.
Decree, Royal
Signatories (Characters)
Signatories (Organizations)

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