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Dark Dragon


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The past, present, and far far future are practically the same in a reality where faster than light travel and incredible technology meets with scientific magic and aliens. The Companies control everything, nothing is private, and a select few people have been chosen by gods to have a little less free will and a lot more power. Oh, and there are some dragons in a mountain at the center of everything.   A mysterious door holds the secrets to everything, while the Companies attempt to track down a place that links this reality to those before and after it. Nothing is sacred in a world were heaven and hell are equally visitable, and people are frequently torn apart and reassembled for fun.   Explore an incredible wealth of characters, many of which have insane morals! Meet aliens of all shapes and sizes, and try not to rage too hard at the pronunciation of Blazx or the fact that that chandelier is too far away to examine closely.   Quick note: “Vegan” does not mean what it means nowadays 3+ million years in the future.