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Geistale is the largest city in Daloria. Geistale is also the capital of Daloria. This massive city has two ports by the ocean side, a church, a few taverns, and the palace itself. The city has even installed a sewer system built under the city. People from all over the world travel to this destination because of its liveliness and to see the palace itself. The city is filled with nobles and laborers, typically slaves. Peasants and non-humans are shunned from the city. There is a lot more than meets the eye for this city. It is not safe and the nobles are cutthroat. Lots of crime flies under the radar. The city is split into four different districts: the residence district, the shopping district, the noble district, and the scenic district. The church, ports, and sewers are not part of any district. Rather those have its own small locations in the city.


The city only houses nobles, laborers, and slaves. Any peasants or non-humans that sneak into the city are quickly found and "removed" from society.


King Noah resides in this city. Geistale is completely under his control. King Noah only has his most trusted allies to assist him in his ruling by appointing them as leaders to certain aspects of the city.


The city is built in ways that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


The city is built out of clay and stone. There isn't much color to the city, but the laborers made the city a luxurious place to be in. The layout of the city isn't partitioned equally, but there are four different districts that are distinctly labeled.


Geistale is located next to the ocean, running along the coast of Eaucrix. It is also one of the three locations divided by the Aragon River in the Eaucrixian Plains.

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