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Welcome, adventurers!

This site was created to aid in your character creation by introducing you to the lore of the world. Information here is organized by nation, so that if your character is traveling from a foreign land, you can get an idea of what things are like where you're from! Keep in mind that more local characters would not have the cultural information of nations outside Salonika.

This is not an exhaustive representation of the canon of Dabhogardian lore, and as you explore throughout the lands, more information will be added to the site!

This map shows the political boundaries of Dabhogard. The name of the town your character has just arrived in is Lilligoth. You may notice that there is also a Lilligoth City in Mitheach, just across the border. The secession of Mitheach from Salonika divided what was originally a single town, and both are stubbornly refusing to change their name.
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The islands of Raumtol and Raumloma belong to the giants and are not inhabited by the allied races of Dabhogard. The jungle continent to the west is similarly inhabited by dangerous monsters- intelligent plants and hulking lobster-men- and has also not been colonized. Among each nation's articles you will also find mention of geographical landmarks. These didn't fit on the same map as the city names, so we made a separate map for them.
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