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Mindless Motion

One of the more dangerous and deadly spells, darker than some other forms of Blood Magic spells, it is highly sought after by Mages for its many capabilities. When used properly, it has the ability to turn anyone, living or dead - dead require a greater level of Magic output, into a mindless slave. It has been used by Mages of all sorts for both good and evil purposes, though the Mages who use the spell on a common basis are usually closely monitored by the Mage's Guild.


Main Effect

  The main effect and purpose of the spell are to hold a mindless control over another person, controlling their movement and motion. Different from other manipulation spells that allow Mages to directly move the body and ignore the laws of physics, the spell simply allows a normal range of motions as specified by the Mage.  

Secondary Effects

  Generally, as a positive side effect of the spell, those who it was cast on will forget about everything that happened while under the influence of the spell. It will often also have the added effect of making those who it is cast on unusually sore due to Mage's usually, accidentally, clenching every muscle in the body of the victim while controlling their body.


Like most manipulation spells, the power is directly drawn from either Mage or Mage and Relic. Mages of a variety of skill and power levels can cast the spell. It is considered one of the most mentally taxing as, along with taking up Magical energy from the Mage, it also requires a large amount of concentration to hold.  


  It can only be used on physical forms of Mages of any other type. Due to the powers of Bounding Magic Mages, when they are intangible the spell cannot be placed on them. When applied to a Blood Magic Mage of a lower power and skill level the power of the other Blood Magic Mage will limit the spell to locking them into place like Blood Lock, which is incapable of effecting Blood Magic Mages as well.   The power level of the casting Mage will often come into play. The spell itself requires an average power of 5, meaning around average. This only allows a Mage the basic control over a single person. Greater capabilities of Magical output can lead to a greater degree of control over the spell, even allow the Mage to control whole groups of people at once; the degree of control may be correctly applied or the Magic may be better suited to a blood lock spell.
Spell Type
Type 2
Related Organizations
Related Discipline
Related School
Blood Magic
Related Element
Effect Duration
Varies based on power level
Effect Casting Time
Roughly 1 second
100 meters
5 Power | 4 Skill

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Cover image: Cysian by Jacob Billings


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