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God / Cyr


Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Cyr is tall and muscular with pale grey skin and glowing yellow eyes, he wears long golden robes and weilds a massive scepter with an amber crystal at the head that glows.

Special abilities

His entire body is suffused with celestial power, he can channel the celestial field without dying.

Apparel & Accessories

Long golden robes ornamented with golden jewelry and magical gemstones. He carries a golden scepter with a large yellow crystal on top, the scepter is his magical focus and a significant part of his power.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Cyr was born of the Great Rift, and used his power to create Kodrynn the Wyrm which he rode to Cyrith and established himself as God of the people of the world and charged Kodrynn with the protection of the world. Only about a thousand years after his arrival, a darkness covered the second sun, threatening the world and bringing cold winds of the first winter. Cyr sent Kodrynn, as protector of the world, to fight the darkness and built the Tower of Sun as a magical focus to push back the darkness, returning the world to its eternal summer.

Gender Identity

Mostly identifies as a man but really only because that is the patriarchal lens which his followers worship him through.


Not really sexual, but considered his creations his children.

Intellectual Characteristics

Believes that he is All-Powerful and immortal.

Morality & Philosophy

Wants to be a God and be worshipped, Cyr fully believes in himself as the one true god of Cyrith. Most of his ideas of morality are just a reflection of the people he found when he first arrived in the world.
Current Status
Fighting the World Serpent (Corrupted) across the Heavenly Sea.
Date of Death
4th of High Sun, 3692 C.C.
Year of Death
3692 BCE
Circumstances of Death
Killed by the the Corrupted World Serpent Kodrynn
Bright glowing yellow eyes, at the height of his power they are too bright for mortals to look at.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale grey skin, when his body is found veins will show black through his skin.
6,800 Lbs.
There is a religion dedicated to the worship of Cyr, he himself believes in himself as God.

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