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12th past Resol, year 62

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Will you spend your time travelling across the ancient mountains of Folkmar, trudging through the snow and the ruins of the Kingdom of Korvald? Or will you go on a trip even further back in time, finding relics of past folks enslaved by mighty frost giants? Perhaps the south is more to your liking - although the wealthy Etherien Republic doesn't take kindly to strangers. Their "president", a dictator in all but name, seeks to expand his domain to any land touched by the sun, but some folks still offer resistance. The gnomes of Yorhana use their superior technology to outsmart the Dawn Legion, forming underground communities of outcasts that want nothing more than refuge from the harsh oppression the other annexed communities now suffer.   Perhaps you would rather spend time overseas, on the grand island of Shoghig, where dwarves with powerful fortresses and technological advancements spend their time fighting of invasion of any kind - what do they guard that requires so much protection? Further still to the east, a multitude of Va'hellan elves create beautiful structures and sculptures amongst the jungle trees, a folk appreciative of the finer arts... But can they be trusted?   Cyrethia is a wild world, where war lurks around every corner and beasts take advantage of the political and economic instability of the settlements that try to maintain order. With a pantheon of colorful gods and a variety of interesting creatures, this land exist as a place of change - stagnancy and inadaptability mean death in this world. Will you be able to keep up, or will Cyrethia's lush landscapes consume you as they have done so many others?