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Cyberpunk/Shadowrun Prototype

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Editorial Team

Watch your back, shoot straight, conserve ammo, and never, ever, cut a deal with a dragon.

Rain softly fell all around their team. Brack had been instructed by the fixer to make the drop at an open air bar by the ports. So far, he hadn't showed.

"Drek", Potluck growled. The chromed out troll scanned the edges of the compound for movement. "If this is some sort of bar, how come there ain't no people around? I could use a damn drink right about now". The rest of the team shifted uncomfortably, realizing that Potluck was right. Shouldn't a bar like this have a decent crowd at this hour? New-Tom's eyes darted back and forth, seeming to look at every entrance at once. "Maybe he's just late. This was the meetup place right?". Lorne snapped at him, "How the hell am I supposed to know? You were supposed to be covering Brack and you let him get geeked by that corp security. I've seen you sling lightning faster than I could react. You let him die".

A hint of a smile flashed for an instant across New-Tom's face. Bones felt a scratching in his spine. The rat spirit that he had bonded to had saved him on more than one occasion. If it was worried, he should be too.  Bones let himself go of his physical form. He opened his mind's eye and allowed his essence float away from his body. He floated over to where New-Tom had just been looking a moment before. "Drek. So much for easy creds" he thought. His mind flooded back into his body, and a breath almost caught in his throat. He drew his Ares Predator pistol and shot New-Tom until the magazine was empty.

Potluck stared at him with his mouth wide open. Bones shrugged. "It looks like New-Tom sold us out. 3 teams of Renraku security are closing in. At least the bastard won't be able to enjoy whatever payday they promised him. Eyes up chummers, its about to get messy".

Welcome to Shadowrun