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Rex Royale

Rex Royale

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Tall and lean, but with clearly cyber-enhanced musculature.

Body Features

Has twin cyberarms that are gold with glowing blue neuron-like patterns along them. His techhair is long and braided down the back in a mixture of blues, greens, and oranges.

Facial Features

He has cybereyes that are blue glowing targets, he keeps his office dark to show off his wardrobe.

Identifying Characteristics

Cyberware and fashionware

Apparel & Accessories

Dresses in expensive Gucci-like quality fashion.

A community Fixer for people living in and on the edge of the Combat Zones. He employs a protection racket and public service group of Solos that patrol his territory, and he cares for the citizens of Night City in his own way.

Character Location
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Cyber-lit Blue Targets
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
6ft 2in

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