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Crows End

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Skyscrapers reaching the heavens blanket the city below in their shadows. Alley ways are just as dangerous in the middle of the day as they are at night. The night, despite all the bright lights and sirens, feels like it is trying to swallow the city. The city has made you tough and its darkness has made you apathetic, but something has awoken in you.
You can feel it. The lightness in your heart. The boost of power with each beat. You can almost see what is wrong with the city, and there is this small voice of hope telling you that you can do something about it. You try to shrug off the suggestion and tell yourself "That's just a silly children's fantasy. You're not a unique snowflake."   "You can choose to be different," the soft voice replies.   "Thinking like this will just get yourself into trouble, or worse you could get hurt."   "It will hurt you whether you choose to do anything or not. But you can hurt it."   "It? What am I even thinking about. There is no it. I need to take my mind off things with a distraction."
A van on the streets below silently engages its electric motor as the observer enters into their log, "Rift number 10331 sealed. No breach made." The van speeds off to another destination, along with a network vans and observers. All keeping the city safe, but most importantly safe from the truth.
Everyone has that little voice in their head. Most ignore it and focus on things they understand. A few however make a simple choice. A choice to do something about the world. They choose to listen. What they learn about the world and themselves is unbelievable, and won't be believed by a society indoctrinated to ignore that whisper.
Welcome to Crows End. A multi-user dungeon (Mud) for role-players to express themselves in grimdark city of crime, conspiracy, and corruption. Some have awoken to find themselves to be legends forced to combat with nightmares, and both are watched by secretive groups with unknown motives.

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Crows End

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