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The Elite

The Elites are an organisation that run the major cities in this world, they took the control when they claimed that the previous ruler wasn’t keeping people safe against the dangers of magic usage. As the previous professors and advisors everyone accepted that they were right, and they were never really challenged. One of the biggest beliefs that they have is that the moon is the physical attribute of the element that is magic, as all other elements have a route on the earth, they believe that the moon is what connects the magic to them. So when the supermoon happens twice a year they believe that by preforming rituals under direct moonlight that it will help them with their magic and give them stronger abilities to channel it. As the supermoon is when the moons is closest to the earth in its orbit it is visually larger and dominating in the sky, so everyone is aware of these rituals that they preform but as most magic is banned apart from the most basic of spells it is more of a holiday for the masses. When the moon is closer to the earth and the magic is ‘stronger’ the elite have convinced e everyone that those who use magic for bad also become more dangerous, so the big green in which it is said most of these people dwell, becomes a guarded place. Twice a year there is a perimeter around the forest to prevent any innocents going in and any bad coming out. Those who are in the big green when this happens are actually more connected to the rest of the elements as they’re in nature so they get the biggest benefit from the supermoon, where as the elite are away from all the other elements so they are slowly getting less and less power from the moon the more they detach themselves from the natural world. This is happening both physically with the tall spires that they’re creating so they can ritual closer to the moon and mentally as the divide between nature and man advances.

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