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Plentyn Tywyll

There are some people that cannot go outside during the day, should they venture outside in anything that exposed flesh to the sunlight their skin will peel and blister after a few minutes in the sun. Whilst most of the time those that suffer with this affliction can go outside covered up and wearing hats, there are those that have the affliction so extremely that to venture outside would cause so much blistering and burning of the skin it would be the same as putting your hand into a fire. Those that have this condition are often thought to be Plentyn Tywyll (Child of Dark), they are more connected to the moon than they are the sun. So, their connection to magic is stronger and wilder as all the elements that they are connected too are those in the darkness. Whilst many would think that to be a child of the moon is a gift, they are often rejected from society because their magic will be stronger and more volatile causing more harm to themselves and those around them. In some cultures, and smaller tribes across the lands they are often seen as a manifestation of the dark magic connected to a Lleidr Hud (Magic thief) as they cannot face the sun, which would burn away their impurities.   They are in fact no different from anyone else, aside from their condition. There are those that have a natural connection to magic as anyone can which is strengthened by the moon they bathe in as it’s the only time they can truly go outside, and those that are more disconnected from the force of magic. The impact of only seeing the moon doesn’t change their inherent ability to use magic, nor does it change their ability to use darker magic.   The Tribe of The Rhyddhawyd actually seeks out and takes in these individuals and provides them with a community in which they are accepted and cared in, often seeing their photosensitivity as an earth given gift rather than a hindrance or a curse.

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