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Gwynt Flyd - Fleeting wind

Depending on who you depend on the answer you get when you ask about Gwynt Fflyd, those who live in the cities will say that it’s just a legend parents tell their children when they are scared of storms. To those that live closer to the elements and experience all their moods, they will tell you that it’s no legend, if you are quick you can see these Gwynt Fflyds when the wind is howling, and the night is coming.    Despite the argument over their existence they are real, these rare owls are usually seen in the bad whether so that they have the darkness of storms and night to hunt. Though they will never harm humans, and often stay away from them and their loud voices which will scare away any food they’re after. The owls themselves are not too different from any of the other owl species that are seen all over the lands, the main differences are they’re size, and colourings.   Whereas common owls are typically are a range of browns and beige these owls are larger and darker. Their feathers are a very dark brown to black, that gets slightly lighter around the eyes so that the light is reflected into their large dark eyes. As they are larger than the average owl this makes them one of the largest aerial predators, only the buzzard and eagles are larger than the Gwynt Fflyds. For those who are living in a nomadic lifestyle in the higher altitudes these birds are actually more social-able as the harsher living conditions means that the humans in those environments provide some more support to the birds. The humans that are helping the birds is actually the reason that they’re able to gain in numbers and the sightings are becoming more frequent, so the species is growing and spreading across the lands. As these birds are making a comeback after being displaced from the areas that humans have settled, the sightings are becoming more frequent. Many scholars and mages are interested in this species and the rumoured air and wind they can manipulate in order to fly so soundlessly and smoothly. As the more nomadic tribes did know of the birds they haven’t been newly discovered, but with the population growth they are being rediscovered by those scholars in the cities, with invested interest in what they can gain from them.

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