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Temple of Pholtus

Of the Temple

  The Temple of Pholtus is stoutly built and marvelous in appearance. This gleaming structure of white marble is precisely symmetrical and lit day and night by various light spells. Services include many brightly burning candles, long sermons and choruses of the worshippers' anthem, "O Blinding Light". Followers of Pholtus are called Pholtans in honor of Pholtus the Oeridian god of light, order, inflexibility, and the sun and moon. The priests preach Pholtus is the utmost Law and Order, regulator of the Sun and Moon and inflexible as the tides. Pholtus, He of the Blinding Light and has commanded his followers to spread the word.   The Temple of Pholtus is well known to the public but is officially The Church of the Blinding Light or the Church of the One True Path to clergy of Pholtus. The temple contains chapels and many small cells in which priests of this order live humble, lawful lives of devotion and prayer. The temple has no treasury (donations are quickly spent on church upkeep) but a few valuable vestments and cups are kept here.    

Of the God

  Pholtus (FOHL-tus) is a stern Oeridian god of unbending Law. He believes that he is the authority on Law and the Natural Order, which makes him unpopular with other gods. The sun rises and sets, the moons wax and wane, the seasons progress - all in a very ordered, regular fashion because this is the structure created by Pholtus. He has presumed to place himself at the pinnacle of the Greyhawk pantheon by claiming authority on the Natural Order. This presumption creates significant friction with the other deities, particularly with St. Cuthbert of the Cudgel (who was originally a follower of Pholtus, and was later raised to be a hero Deity).  
Pholtus is represented as a tall, slender man with pale skin, flowing white hair and bright blue eyes that burn with the fires of devotion. He wears a silky white gown and a cassock trimmed with gold and silver and embroidered with suns and moons. Pholtus (FOHL-tus) is a stern Oeridian guardian of unbending Law, depicted as a tall, slender man in a white robe, with fair skin and hair, and eyes that shine with the fires of devotion. He carries the Staff of the Silvery Sun, an ivory object shod in silver and topped by an electrum sun-disk. His holy symbol is a full moon (Luna) partially eclipsed by a smaller crescent moon (Celene).

Of the Church

  The One True Way is a strict path, but guarantees greatness. Show no tolerance for those who do not give all for the cause of Law, Fanaticism in the name of the Blinding Light is praiseworthy, and Law's champions shall be rewarded in the era when chaos has been vanquished.    

Of the Priesthood

  The sects of Pholtus are all guided by the One True Way of Pholtus, which is strict, but guarantees rightness. They strongly believe in order and show no tolerance for those who do not enforce the cause of Law; smiting Chaos where found, and Evil once chaos is rooted out. Because of this they are commonly drawn towards governmental functions, most notably holding prominent roles in the Judiciary and Advisory areas.   The belief of Pholtus as the authority for Natural Order is prevalent within his followers, and they do not have much respect for other religions, especially chaotic ones. His followers are expected to bring the One True Way to unbelievers and brook no argument against this practice. This quest leads them far from their churches, usually in groups in case unbelievers and heretics turn hostile. All Pholtan followers believe fanaticism for the cause of law is praiseworthy. When not preaching, they act as judges, lawyers, and arbiters, while his strict paladins are known as templars or inquisitors.    
Acolyte Brother/Sister
Deacon Brother/Sister
High Deacon Brother/Sister
Prior Father/Mother
Priest Father/Mother
High Priest Father/Mother
Bishop Father/Mother
Arch Bishop Father/Mother
Pontifex Your Holiness
    It is common for Priests of Pholtus to join the City Watch finding their path of enforcing the laws of the city. Sometimes their adherence to the law clashes with the the subjective enforcement by the Sentinels and officers of the Watch. Those Priests that join the watch lean into specific Divine Domains and Spells.  
Domain Focus
Knowledge Divination, Investigation & Interrogation
Life Healing
Light Fire, Sun, Truth
War Enforcement & Protection

Religious Trappings

  Clerics of Pholtus dress in white and pale yellow tunics with silvery borders. The Holy Symbol for this church is true to the holy Symbol of Pholtus but varies in design. As with the other churches, it is the silver sun partially eclipsed by a smaller crescent moon.    
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Light, Resolution, Law, Order, Inflexibility, Sun, Moons   Worshippers
Oeridian and commonly accepted across all the Flanaess   Holy Symbol
Silver sun partially eclipsed by a smaller crescent moon  
5th Edition
Alignment: LG
Domain: Law
Weapon: Quarterstaff

Cathedral / Great temple
Parent Location


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