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Plague Papers

In the time following the Elven Plague tragedy, scholars would come to call these documents the Plague Papers, a collection of letters and public notices related to the Elven Plague. While these do not represent every document during the ordeal, they cover critical highlights. These start with the period of a small number of elves beginning to exhibit odd behavior while ending with full-on elven madness and exile. More importantly these papers highlight some of the mistakes that were made, fueled by pride and petty concerns.    

Elven Church of Celestan


Letter of Assurance

  Esteemed Commissar Urnst,   By the light of Celestan the Lord of the Silver Moon, please accept this missive as a comfort and knowledge to assuage you and your team. Be it known that any odd behavior of the people is isolated to a few incidents and of minor result no greater than intoxication. Our best healers have the situation well in hand and they will be hail by the end of the week.  
- Lotrian Terrisvale, High Moon Warden of Celestan
  Pride and arrogance were the greatest failure of the elven people in dealing with the Elven Plague. They were dismissive, secretive and over-confident in there abilities, not yet realizing the true danger they faced. This message marks the only written communication between Elven leadership and the authorities of Ptolus. The situation spiraled out of control for all sides.    

Commissar of Ptolus


First Response

  Citizens of the great city of Ptolus, fear not while you are under my protection. The Elven Church has assured us that any unusual behavior by their people is isolated to a small few. They have also assigned their best healers to handle the situation quickly cleansing this minor ailment.   Should anyone encounter elves behaving in an odd or uncivilized fashion please contact the city watch immediately. If you are of elven blood and have any unusual symptoms please seek out the Church of Celestan first, any temple of Lothian or any temple or shrine of healing.  
- Commissar of Ptolus, Igor Urnst
  Has it ever been said that bureaucracy is slow and lazy? I am sure it has been said more than once, so history will record the same comment yet once more. In hind sight the imperial priests could have focused on this problem until the answers were uncovered or the danger had passed. The Commissar could have pushed for a deeper understanding and greater clarity, but alas it would take events escalating to mobilize the efforts of Ptolus authorities. It still may have not been enough as hindsight is always more revealing.    

Next Steps

  Citizens of the great city of Ptolus, It grieves me to my bones to see our Elven neighbors suffering. But for the protection of our city, I must take strong and decisive action.   The city of Ptolus will be barred to Elves entering that can not prove citizenship of our great city. The city watch is authorized to stop all elves within the City and check them for signs or symptoms of the Elvin Ailment. In addition, they may forcefully detain any elves exhibiting unusual behavior.  
- Commissar of Ptolus, Igor Urnst
  At this time the authorities of Ptolus are scrambling and attempting to get their arms around the situation of the Elven Ailment which will quickly be known as the Elven Plague.  

Final Phase

  Citizens of the great city of Ptolus. The time for half-measures and cautious action has ended. Regardless of temple advisement, I am declaring marshal law relating to the Elven Plague.   All people of Elven blood are banned from entry into the City for any reason. All people of Elven blood are herby exiled from the city, citizenship revoked, lands, titles are forfeited to the ruling authority of Prolus. It will be illegal to harbor, secret or assist elves in evading this city order. Anyone caught will be treated as Elven for all purposes.   The city watch will enforce these measures by any means necessary, including deadly force. This order will remain in effect indefinitely until such time a cure is found, administered and verified of its success.  
- Commissar of Ptolus, Igor Urnst
  The unusual thing is that Commissar Urnst is known for his military mindset and prudent methods. Many say that his actions during the Elven tragedies were beneath his normal approach to unknown or dangerous situations. Some whisper that the romantic attentions of a beautiful and yet unknown redhead lady distracted him.    

Church & Empire


Cautious Support

  Honored Commissar Urnst,   Having just left your fair city, I am confident that you have this minor elven situation in hand.   I return to Tarsis to solidify and stabilize the capital while putting an end to the foolish usurpers trying to seize the reins of power and cause further disaster. I have instructed Bishop Pard to assist you as needed. Please provide the Church has regular reports on the status of your efforts.  
- Rehoboth Ylestos - Emperor of the Church
  The Empire teeters on the brink of collapse as three people struggle to claim the Lion-Guarded Throne. Most agree that if Ylestos was not focused on his own power grab, while uniting the two imperial seats, the Church of Lothian could have made a difference.   Like all great cowardly and distracted bureaucracies, they publicly support their representatives within Ptolus while preparing to blame them if their efforts failed.    

A View From the Street


Doom Sayer

  Elder God Spawn!
Fiend tainted blood!
They are being punished for their sins against the gods. They are paying for the theft of immortality, as a fallen people. Their hubris will end us all.  
- Unknown street prophet


  Lorian, I know ... believe me, I'm not happy about this. But I can't help you. I have my family to think of.  
- Father recounting hard choices
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Author's Notes

It would be unheard of in a fantasy setting and a city filled with priests that a plague would not only take hold but escalate right under thier watchful eyes. To find out more about how this could happen read the 2020 Summer Camp article called Elven Plague.

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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
13 Jul, 2021 12:45

I love the way you're using the documents to illustrate the history of the plague :D

To see what I am up to, my latest article is Geography of magic for the River Challenge
13 Jul, 2021 12:54

Thank you so much, still a work in progress but I'm excited.

Featured Articles in the Shadow War across Creation by Graylion

8 Aug, 2021 19:54

Great read! I also love how you're using the documents to portray what has happened during the Elven plague and how it progressed through time.   Keep up the good work! :D

Summercaaaaamp when the writin' is easy. Words are flowing and the hype is hiiiiigh. \o/
9 Aug, 2021 00:04

Thank you and glad you enjoyed this.

Featured Articles in the Shadow War across Creation by Graylion

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