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Found in the Northern hemisphere, Bloomallow is dotted across the marshlands that make up the ecosystem the draigi and giants call home. Unique in nature, characterized by blue pollen and white petals, this bloom is used in many different culinary and alchemical recipes for their notable healing property. While not strong on it's own, other plants such as Bogroot and Ravenbells bring forth these effects, making them primary ingredients in healing elixers and emergency rations.   Study shows this plant to be toxic to a handful of creatures, especially monstrosities. As a result, they're often used in oils and poisons for the use of hunting or executing them. Some clerics and priests will use it as an alternative to Holy Water; leading the ignorant to believe monstrosities are creatures born of the Infernal Planes. This water can also be used as disinfectant and purifying agents, while still being safe for consumption.   Common recipes including this herb require it ground up into powder, and either mixed into a basting spread or breading to grant the meal a healing and appealing sweetness. Used often on hams and poultry, it makes a splendid addition to honey-based spreads and marination. Though finding the balance proces tricky, as with many other alchemical ingredients, this can be cooked out of the food.
In 2984 AD, a hunter encountered a fearsome bandit party while traveling through the roads of Western Patria. His mastiff was gravely injured in the scuffle, and there was little hope of recovery. When a druid traveling through came by, the hunter asked her for any remedies, a miracle for his companion. Given time and rest, as well as an herbal medicine mixed into his food, the mastiff would make a recovery, though would have trouble continuing his duty with his master. The hunter thanked the druid, and he departed. A month after, he reported a study as the medicine contained Bloomallow, and two other foreign plants he did not recognize: but the madicine was indeed potent.

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