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1516 AB (After Birth)

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This cursed world is broken. Dragons kill all things that moves, even other dragons. Demons run amok, causing chaos. The tarasque, the demon of all demons, one of the most strong demons of all time gave birth (with Tiamat, the dragon god of evil) to two powerful god-like demons: Chao and Inferos, respectively demons of chaos and HELL ITSELF. But there is one greater evil: Astrius Myastan. The right hand of Tiamat, and an overpowered megalomaniac dragon god. The only reason behind him not killing Tiamat is because he is more powerful being Tiamat's right hand. But not all is hopeless, as for each overpowering evil, there is an overpowering good: there is a pact between all races: all sentient beings are part of it that do not side with evil. When Tiamat or Astrius strikes to end the conflict, then Bahumut himself, the dragon god of good, will be reborn, and will kill both of them as a new dragon, yet born as a half dragon. But there is one problem: the half dragons have yet to agree. And Astrius is about to strike. There is little hope in even the gods themselves.

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