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Finger Knife

by hughpierre
A finger knife is really just a hardy bit of smooth wire, but still capable of being bent into a variety of shapes and staying there.

Manufacturing process


There have been many alternative design suggestions that have circulated throughout the social clichés in local communities. One of the more harmful variants involves tying the wire onto every finger so as to scratch at someone like a cat. Conversly, common street wisdom recommends fitting a glove, or some obstruction between wire and flesh, to avoid cutting yourself.


Childhood Trend

Given the variety and popularity of bladed weapons, It was only a matter of time until the children would seek to mimic the adults.
In this instance, some kid figured out that they could loop the two ends on either end of their finger and the wire running between them could neatly peel the skin off fruits and vegetables; and inflict minor wounds.
— comments from an instructor in the Skull Cult
From then on; many would seek to either buy, steal or scrounge scrap to make their own impromptu knife and play pretend; or real.


Household Tool

While cheap and replaceable, they remain popular as a common instrument of work. Many families would use the wire to cut through soft materials; in order to extend their usability of their proper knives.

Hidden Weapon

Due to its size, it is feasible to hide the knife up ones' sleeve or between ones' fingers. Although, it will only deliver marginal or superficial damage unless precisely targeting a major artery or tendon.

Alternate Name
  • Fruit Knife
  • Finger Wire
    Item type
    4 - 5 in of Unwound Wire
    Raw materials & Components
    Metal Wire
    Soft Leather (optional)
  • Trench Knife
    Item | Apr 13, 2024


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