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The Satalite

Located on a cable attatched to Codai Majorus, The Satalite is a prison that cannot be accessed without a star ship and some very particular permissions.   Dedicated to housing the worst of the worst; Terrorists, would-be Dirty Bombers, et cetera, it functions as the SuperMax for the rest of the station. With a total capacity of just under 300 people and a live-in staff (one month in, one month off) this orbiting sphere is built to maintain as much of a degree of isolation as possible.   In the event of a severe breakout, the Oxygen Supply System can simply be reversed, paused, or impregnated with knock-out gas - or even simply lowered to levels that do not permit conciousness all depending on the severity. Arrivals shuttles are only every month, and even if one was to capture a shuttle, the monitored live-feed of the interior would notice a problem and the ship would simply either be self-destructed or fired upon by station weaponry.   With these measures in place, no known entity has ever escaped.

Purpose / Function

After several prison riots during the Oligarchy times, as well as overflow from the general population during this time, it was decided that one of the wider-flung liquid storage tanks should be converted into an auxillary prison, as well as a black site for torture, execution, and interrogation.   The conversion was fast-tracked and construction was complete by the end of the month, though this was easier than it may otherwise have seemed; The Tank already featured artifical gravity to allow for the fluid to flow correctly and the interior featured rings fit to build off of that were initially intended to ensure Structural Integrity.


Since the overtaking of the Democratic Government, it's black site purposes were recinded - thus allowing the broadening of the prison's scale from 130 to 192 total prisoners through the repurposing of old Administrative areas and 'extraction chambers'.
Alternative Names
The False Moon, The Final Destination, Empty Hope
Parent Location

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