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The Tatawan of Iierus are a people known for their respect for the natural environment. They are not technological rejectionists, but rather they are a culture that demands wasteless practices. Their people share a planet with the Gilwalde, who the Tatawa believe to be ruthless scavengers of the planet and willing to destroy any ammount of the world to benefit themselves.   There is a saying dating back 100 years, to the War of Necessity; "The Gilwalde would sooner ignite the atmosphere than wait for their meal to cook.". The Tatawan, on the other hand, firmly believe in solely sustainable methodologies. Technologies native to the area are often made of 60-80% recycled materials, featuring minimal volumes of plastics and almost no practices that would damn the environment needlessly.   Even their refineries and mines operate solely on solar and nuclear power.   Their culture values the environment over all. Even over the survival of their people. But in it's defense, they would gladly destroy the cities of Giwalde in a heartbeat.


Art & Architecture

Tatawan music and art feature intense, detailed views of nature. While the open environment is often what is painted, there is a great culture in the creation of "New Edens" - murals made by collections of artists making up the walls of buildings depicting vistas and landscapes both impossible and unmeasurably pretty.   These murals are occasionally exported in the form of ship paint schemes, or by dismantling the entire wall with numbered bricks so that it may be assembled elsewhere.   The architechture features strict view lines, with many buildings bending to ensure they avoid blocking views down towards sites of national importance.

Common Taboos

Waste and Non-recylibility of any good is seen as a on-par with insulting someone's mother. It is an insult against their very culture.


Beauty Ideals

The ultimate expression of beauty to them is to embody nature. Houses that feature views of the otuside world, or large areas of plant life are considered high end. Some of the most luxury buildings in their continent are the ones built within large forrested areas and areas of open land, where the sunset can be seen.

Courtship Ideals

The colours Green and Yellow are associated with love and reverance, and the language of flowers has been expanded to encompass near enough every plant they have availible. A Tatawan Bouquette is often seen as overly-extravagant, while a native would argue that it is simply a complex declaration.
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