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Beast Aspect

Taking on the traits of animals and being shrouded by an ethereal beast, at the cost of succumbing to the animal nature


Enhanced strength, speed, or dexterity, elemental enhancement, surrounded by an ethereal beast

Side/Secondary Effects

Being overtaken with rage and killing everything, growing wild hair, big ol' eyebrows and sideburns, animal eyes


The caster is surrounded by an ethereal animal


The Old Gods

Material Components
Teeth or claws of the desired animal, focusing crystal
Gestures & Ritual
The components are crafted into a talisman that's worn around the neck, the caster does a meditation powerup to activate the spell
Related Discipline
Used by druids
Related School
Talisman Magic
Effect Duration
One hour
Effect Casting Time
One minute - three seconds
Around the caster
Applied Restriction
The caster can use the spell without the talisman, however, it's very risky as they would be fighting a mental battle against the beast, if the beast wins then they'll develop Rune Spasms. The talisman can also break from constant use with much the same results.

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