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Arcane Energy

Arcane Energy, also known as arcana, is the latticework of energy that flows through the earth and sky. Mages draw it into their body and channel it to cast spells, and it can be localized throughout the body for attack and defense. Mages need a deep connection with the earth, or a particular element, to use this magic, basically enlightenment. A combination of willpower, gestures, and physical movements are used to bend elemental forces.   The energy coalesces in mana nexi, nexus points with incredibly powerful magic, they often have temples or circles of standing stones built on them.   Elves and the chosen one, the Skyborn, are the only beings born pre-enlightened and don't need any special training to start using arcana.   Arcane Energy can be channeled through wood or steel, and will wreck weapons. It can be disrupted and dissipated by cast and wrought iron.   The Wild Elves know it by another name: Primal Magicks and they use druidic rituals to tap into its power.


In it's rawest form it's radiant purple energy


Ley lines

Metaphysical, Arcane

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