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The Thumbless

"God Eternal of all wild creatures as well as the faerie and of the land of Equinox. The fourth blessed Eternal, when Norlane bound Ortho'Fra'Guarn, Norlane used only his thumbs to destroy the giants that attempted to stop her. His hands however were tainted with the chaos of the evil he had touched. To save himself, he bit off his own thumbs and spat them out. As they fell, the bones became Equinox. The blood of his hand became the faeries. The intermingling of this evil and divine power became the wild beasts, capable of both good and evil. The greater evil that lurks from Equinox this day flows to the outside of the land, and beyond this place is nothing but vile void and treachery." - Tales of the Baleful God

Divine Domains

  • Beasts
  • Nature
  • Harvests
  • Faen*
  • Old Bloods*
* Disputed in many places and argued within even official circles.

Holy Books & Codes

Bale Ediction- A document transcribed by Saint Dylun after receiving a vision from the Celestian in 0 P.B.. Generally speaking, it declared the Faen should remain in Equinox and to go elsewhere would be heretical. In addition to this, those not from Equinox should stay out as to keep peace. Also established the sanctity of beasts and the several rules expected to be followed when using them for ritualistic and living purposes.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A four fingered humanoid hand with a cut or missing thumb. Other versions of this are paw prints of beasts and animals. In some circles, the hand prints of New Bloods.

Tenets of Faith

  • Respect, specifically a short prayer, should be said after an animal is killed for harvesting.
  • In the case of rituals, usable beasts can only be birds of red feathers, oxen, rams, limbed reptiles and deer.


  • Balekast- A day dedicated to the fifth Eternal, Balekast is a day dedicated to the beasts of the world and Kursag. Any beasts that would be sacrificed to the Eternals within this month are released instead. From here on, this month requires no sacrifices of any kind.
  • Kurday- The fifth day of the Pronged Calendar week.
Divine Classification
Eternal Deity
Chaotic Neutral
Aligned Organization

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