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Chordas System Humans Lost on the Far Side of the Milky Way

Created by
Terye Stephens
Skaldiduna / Skald in Alaska

The Chordas System across the Milky Way galaxy galactic center from the Sol System is about a third of the way up its galactic arm. Humans arrived in the Chordas System by accident, having reverse-engineered alien technology to produce an interstellar engine.

The Nautilus uncurled to expel 5 ships into the Chordas System, then curled in on itself and continued its journey to the next habitable system. Three ships made orbit around different planets, investigating resources. One ship landed on a moon orbiting a gas giant. One ship crash-landed on an M-class world with inhabitants in the Steam age.

Lexicon Lost: Crashed in Paradise
Lexicon Lost: Embarked into Danger
Lexicon Lost: Conflicts in the Capital
Lexicon Lost: Venom and Politics

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Alaskan_Skald #madewithkoji