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The Tusari are people. Their society is a strict caste based society in which the caste that you are born into and how honorably you act in fulfilling your castes role and place in society matter. A person is their caste and it is almost impossible for one to change the caste they are born into and they believe that only through devoting themselves to their place in society and fulfilling their caste role can one be reborn into a higher caste in the next life. The only normal exceptions to changing one's caste in life are when one is consigned to become a slave for crimes or because of tradition or when one sometimes is allowed to go into religious seclusion and training to devote themselves to service of a god and must spend at least a decade in such service before they can begin their life as the lowest member of the religious caste. The six castes and their order (from highest to lowest) of Tusari are High Caste, Religious Caste, Warrior Caste, Freeman Caste, Serf Caste, and Slave Caste.  


Homo Sapiens Campestris

Physical Racial Traits
  • Olive Skin (Asian)
  • Eyes: Black, Brown or Grey
  • Hair: Black or Grey
  • Average Height: 5'3" to 5'10"'
  • Average Weight: 120 to 170 lbs

Naming Traditions

Family names

All Tusari have three names, their given name, middle name and surname. Example: Darus Tol Szchu   Given Name A Tusari's given name is typically something simple and is nearly always mono- or disyllabic.   Middle Name All Tusari have the same middle name of Tol in honor of their greatest hero andfirst leader of their people and means "child of".   Surname Among the Tusari a person's surname is their family or clan name and is their most important name as it represents their family's and their ancestor's honor and their place in the afterlife. All Tusari take great care to protect their family name's honor and integrity at almost any cost.


  • Choose an Tusari Lineage (Lineages)┬áto represent your families innate abilities.
  • You may select from Human ancestry feats any time you receive an ancestry feat.
  • Hit Points : 8
  • Size: Medium
  • Speed: 25'
  • Ability Boosts: Intelligence plus one of choice
  • Languages: Tusari and additional languages equal to 1 + your Intelligence modifier
  • Offshoots of the Tusari include the Dorvai of Tol Dorvai, substitute their language for Tusari if creating one of them.
Encompassed species
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