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745 AF, Autum

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In the Prophecy, Eldercrest is threatened by a conspiracy against Emperor inside the borders of the kingdom. He marries his only daughter, Lauren Swan, Princess of Eldercrest to Lordson Bastíen Bearnor hoping to unite the empire, unaware of a devastating prophecy spoken of the country more than 40 years ago. The Emperor is betrayed by one of his most trusted and Lauren Swan is forced to flee for her life from Sovereign Rock. At the same time, a mysterious portal is opened in Sovereign Rock's catacombs.   Four young people with high intelligence get out of the maze when An explosion in the night sky lights up in magnesium colors. Their applicants for their insignia begin. Shortly after that, a young woman named Susan Maxwell faces an unbearable choice. An operation that changes her entire life to the worse. Her search for the truth shocks the whole Sovereign Rock. Eldercrest's moral and religious life is threatened by her new ideas and she is chased by the Raptors.   The Marble Throne in Sovereign Rock seems to play a central role when everyone fights against rules of the game that change on record fast time. Lauren realizes more and more that things that have always been will not always remain. Will she pursue her duty to become Empress or should she follow her heart?     1. Eldercrest is a kingdom placed on a peninsula surrounded by two great kingdoms in the South and on the far east threaten the Eldercrestarian southern borders. From the Southen Republic comes the threat of the red Karitorians, and the dark elves from Nivelia threaten both the Karitorians and the Eldercrestarians. On another continent, there is the island of Ezulon and the pirate kingdom of Wees controlling most of the international waters.   2. Eldercrest is a monarchy ruled by the Emperor in Sovereign Rock and there are in total 7 Noble houses fighting for power. Most of the time there is peace between the nobles, but there is always some scheme behind the smiles.   3. Some cultures have gone extinct like the nymphs. The Dreors were driven out of Eldercrest and the Valders assimilated themselves.   4. Some cultures want to stay hidden in order to avoid conflict, as they did in the past. Like the Highlanders, and Shinobis.   5. Nobody knows that in orbit they are watched by an alien race of long living humans with advanced technology who constantly effect their desitions and governments in the Circle of Destiny through the Bolt of Reign.

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