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6500 ES

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A world that, with the benefit of sorcery, has less need for the technological advancements that drive other worlds. It happily exists in a high fantasy medieval setting on a planet with one lone continent, Cerin. The draconic zerɮudōju are revered and the humanoid ɮudōju seek to follow in their mighty footsteps, and the arboreal ðōnujulaeab are a distant memory. Sorcery runs wild through all their veins. This is where our story takes place.   A nomadic people live in harmony with the earth. Some set up permanent homes, though not many, and offer them to the many passing travellers. Some set up temples to worship the elements. As the population grows, so do the settlements. Then come castles, and kingdoms, and war. But in pursuing their war they left behind their connection to the land and the life it offers. They also grew blind to the danger in the south, preferring instead to rest on their laurels, and ignore the suffering of those outside their walls.   Welcome to the fight of your life against the forces of imperialism and apathy. Dragons, sorcery, and wonder, oh my!- this is Cerin, the land of kings.

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