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A world of magic and discovery. Comparative to classic D&D inspired worlds like Faerun, Golarion, or Greyhawk. Races of fantasy fight over precious ley-line mines, the sources of magic. Dangerous pirates, Legendary MapMakers, Wizard's guilds, and DragonChess.   "Since the Age of Heroes began, Centras has enjoyed hundreds of years of relative prosperity throughout the circular land. Before the age of heroes, horrid clockwork machine armies lead by the dragon Wrecknaught ravaged the lands, sacking everything they came across and assimilating the victims into the giant nightmare machines that kept the army unstoppable.   In the Age of Weeping Oil, the eastern unified Kingdoms of Johannesberg (Now simply the Human Nation of Grecia) fought a never-ending race war with the Xylans, large toad-like beings who seemed bent on nothing less than the extinction of humanity. Sine the Age of Heroes began, the Xylans have largely dissapeared, and the new nation of Grecia stands in Johannesberg's place as a stronghold of humanity and military might.   In the North, the man known as "Father Gold" (a title which passes down every few centuries) rules the shadow network of the Golden Claw as well as the vast pirate armada that harries all who attempt to mine the ley-lines in the Bramwell Sea.   In the Northwest, the Queendom of Arkasia lies as a true haven for mages. Though once they practiced slavery and other horrid experiments on a grande scale, the beloved Queen Hilde has taken to reforming many of the antiquated laws in an attempt to civilize the land and improve relations with the other nation-states.   In the west lies the volatile and ever-changing forests of the Fey, once home to the fey realms but now simply a small pocket of several elvish nomads and eladric duchies.   The center of the world is the un-moving and imponderable city of Stonechurch, where it is said that the gods of all nations once dwelled. It remains a neutral meeting place for all nations, owned by no man or king.   These are a few of the lands the lie within Centras, and since the age of heroes began the lands have enjoyed relative peace, though the threat of monsters and other evils is always constant, the nations themselves remain allied. This may change should an especially profitable ley-line be discovered...

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