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Squared gigantism

The Squared Gigantism is a disease found mostly on Nucrana although there have been a few reported cases of it found on Efren. This condition affects the cartilage in the body most notable in the ears and nose. It causes the ears to take on a more square shape and grow unevenly large. It also affects the nose causing it to grow also into a more square shape. However, it does not stop with just that, most of the body's cartilage is inflamed which can cause a lot of pain for many that it infects. While the ears and nose change is permanent, the whole body’s cartilage inflammation is not. When all of the cartilage is inflamed it is known as flares and can be as short as a day to lasting for a month. There have been some very rare cases where the flares do not go away, meaning the infected are always in pain. Some have severe pain where they can’t move, while others it is mild discomfort. There is no known cure for it. Those with this condition have been known to live a mostly normal life by managing the flares with pain medication. The condition is not known to kill, just causes dis-figuration and pain. The other pain that comes with this condition is becoming for the most part a social outcast. Many friends and even sometimes family members have been known to abandon those with the condition. Some are afraid of catching it others just can’t stand to look at those they find monstrous. Where this disease came from is unknown and healers are working on understanding it so that they can find a cure. Although there is a large proportion of the Nucrana populace that believe it came from the Squishy Square Hare. Although the disease and the hares have been studied they have not found a link between the two. Theories abound but nothing has been found to be the cause yet.

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