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The Kuthid is an amphibious creature that has a fish head along with a dorsal fin, arms and legs that end in fins. They are dull in color and usually green, blue or brown. They communicate through different clicks and whistles with other Kuthid.   The Kuthid live all over the world, and live in the fresh waterways, lakes and rivers. There are no wild population of the Kuthid as they were domesticated thousands of years ago.   Kuthid are used in the many water ways that crisscross the different continents. The Kuthid are used as transportations between towns, villages and cities along rivers. The biggest ones are used to transport goods by pulling the heavily laden boats. The Kuthid are also used to ferry people across difficult stretches of rivers. There are also lake Kuthid that are used exclusively in lakes.   The Kuthid have an perception and sensory that some have attributed to magic but it is just their innate ability to sense things in the water, good, bad problematic. They are able to find the best corse through the river with out running into problems. The Kuthid can deal with an unexpected situations as they arise and sometimes before they arise. The Kuthid are also very sensitive to magic and have different warning sounds for bad magic. Because of these ability the Kuthid are preferred when traveling by freshwater.   On each continent there are several groups that breed the Kuthid. The breeders have one month in the spring time to breed the Kuthid. The Kuthid breeders have created special areas for the females to make nest. Once the nest have been made the females lay from 10 to 20 eggs. Then the males are allowed into the area and they fertilize the eggs. Once that is done the females continue to watch over the eggs keeping the water moving around the nest and water at a constant temperature. Then three months later the Jyrkad, the young version of the Kuthid, hatch. The Jyrkad look more like a fish with four weird stumps. Two on each side, the front close to the head while the other two are very close to end of the fish. The Jyrkad also have a fish tail fin. The Jyrkad also can not breathe air yet and aren’t able to until they lose their fish tail fin when they reach maturity about three months after they hatch. Once that happens they are no longer Jykad and are now Kuthid and are ready to work.   The last added bonus to the Kuthid are they eat the vegetation that grows along and in rivers. The Kuthid have for some reason developed a taste for invasive or obnoxious weeds, and know exactly where to get them.

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