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Taster's Lipstick

Always wear protection when going to a banquet, to ensure that you don't meet the deity you thanked for the delicious food on your plate.   ~ Lady Astirila Machillia, Imperial Noble
  Alternatively, known as either "Protection Lips" or "Guardian Angel's Kiss" Taster's Lipsticks are an interesting piece of alchemical cosmetics, which coats the lips of a user with a layer of alchemical glass particles that binds and neutralizes a wide range of common and uncommon poisons from every dish and drink the wearer consumes.   Additionally, they also remove a great number of unpleasant flavors from the wearer's food which makes them especially popular among the self-proclaimed gourmets of the Empire's Nobility as the sticks protect their sensitive palate from being exposed to such vile sapidities as burned meat or oversalted soups.   For emergencies, certain high-grade variants of this item also place a single droplet of Panacea beneath the wearer's lower lip, which can be released by biting down on the lip, which greatly enhance the users changes to survive an otherwise leathal injuiry.

Manufacturing process

If I told you what the Lipstick was made from, you definitely wouldn't be so eager anymore to put it on your lips.   ~Lady Arcelsia Serix-Neyrin, Provost of the Emerald Guild
  Given the great importance they have for the personal safety of the Empire's ruling class -include that of the current Emporer and Empress- it is no wonder that the production process of Taster's Lipstick is highly classified and only available to a small group of authorized individuals, which includes the Provosts of the Emerald and Saphire Guild.   What little information could be gathered by foreign intelligence operatives indicates that while the production of the glass power that makes up the is relatively trivial, the true complexity lays in priming them for every conceivable poison a wearer could be exposed to.
Item type
Given their high price and the fact that their sale is limited to members of the Starvein Nobility and high ranking operatives of the Empire's secret polices, Taster's Lipsticks are a relatively rare item.
Base Price
I can produce a stick that costs no more than a couple of Grits, but I dout you would ever use it, let alone entrust it with your life.

Mark of Affection

  Due to the dust-like glass particles contained within their protective coating, lips rouged with an Angle's Kiss will leave a characteristic and long-lasting lipstick mark on the skin of an individual kissed with them.   These marks are commonly worn as badges of honor by the members of the Educated scholar-nobility, as they are a clear-cut sign of a Starvein Noble's affection towards them.   Yet even the most boastful of Educated will take great care not to openly reveal the identity of their benefactor as doing so is a surefire way to draw the ire of said patron.

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