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Fields of Sy'phea

The ability to tread on these fields, comes with a steep price few are capable of paying...and of those who are even fewer are willing to do so.
  Located at the foot of the Skycrown Mountains, the Fields of Sy'phea are perhaps one of the most dangerous areas in all of Cenorad, with even a single step on the muddy plains being a surefire way to receive an express ticket into one's preferred afterlife.   Yet this exceptional lethality comes not from any natural or arcane feature of the land itself, for while the nights on the fields are bitterly cold and only illuminated by regular thunderstorms, these conditions, while certainly not pleasant, are nothing a well-prepared traveler won't be able to handle.   The real reason behind the hazardousness of these fields is the fact that they are the site of an ongoing battle between the forces of the Vitreous Empire and the Eleventh Reik, which has been uninterruptedly raged for over nine years.   During this time the fields have been exposed to practically every kind of weapon system that can be found within the arsenals of the two belligerents. Given that the application of these often highly destructive and long-lasting weapons not only happened in massive quantities but also with frightening frequency, the muddy soil of the fields has begun to reach a degree of pollution otherwise only seen with the toxic marshes of the Corelands.   In sharp contrast to the Corelands even the most polluted mud hole or gas-filled trench is only regarded as a minor hazard by the troops deployed on the fields, as it is highly unlikely that will ever manage to reach them in one piece before being burned alive by an alchemical incendiary shell or torn apart by a storm of serrated teeth fired from a well-hidden Sharktooth Rifle.


The geography of the Fields can handily be divided into three zones, consisting of the vitrified trenches of the Empire, the organic fortresses of the Reik and the no man's land between them.   The areas controlled by the Empire's Glass Legion consist of a complex network of trenches, command bunkers and weapon emplacement, which has been carved into the vitrified soil. Within this network, which is commonly referred to as the "Grinder's Waiting Room" stand thousands of Effigy Warriors that are silently waiting for the orders of their handlers to charge out into no man's land.   The areas under the control of the Eleventh Reik, are completely covered in the fleshy, organic growths which consisting of the strange and alien plants native to the heartland of the Reik. Beneath their protective carapace, the soldiers of the Reik recuperate from their last engagement until they are ready to once more adorn their organic armors and defend the territory of the Reik   The no man's land which makes up the largest parts of the Fields has long since turned into a cratered landscape littered with the broken weapons, armors and equipment of both sides. Depending on just how heavy the shelling on any given day is, its appearance can undergo drastic changes in as little as a couple of minutes.

Fauna & Flora

By the Will of the Keosir, the spawns of Himalia shall bring the cosmic harmony of Kiplir to this disordered field of battle.
  Most of the original Flora and Fauna of this region has long since been ground to dust between the two frontlines.   The few organisms that remain inevitably underwent drastic changes to their appearance and behavior, either due to their prolonged contact with various alchemical toxins and parasitic glass splinters or due to becoming entangled with the organic technology of the Reik.

Song of Battle

Alternative Name(s)
Treadmill Plains, The Boring Battlefield, The Glass Grinder
Owning Organization
Contested By

The Treadmill of Destruction

They call it a campaign because we have been camping here for close to a decade.
  One of the primary reasons for the continued deathlock of the ongoing fight, besides sheer stubbornness, is the fact that the military doctrines of the two factions intrinsically counteract each other.   The Empire's strategy to grind down their foes through a grueling war of attrition is utterly pointless against the forces of the Reik, as their regenerative capabilities ensure that their rate of casualties remains significantly lower than the rate of newly trained recruits.   On the flip side, the Reik's focus on the deployment of comparably low numbers of high-quality troops is handly shut down by the masses of expendable units fielded by the Empire, especially if they are combined with the overwhelming firepower of the Artillery Corps.   These circumstances almost guarantee that every attempt to break the stalemate only causes it to bog down even more, which ensures that the thunder of the Empire's artillery and the screaming of Reik's Sonic weaponry, will remain a stable part of the Fields' ambiance sound for the years to come.

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