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Celestial Silhouettes

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Hard magic fantasy. Everything is fundamentally magical- there's no magical/mundane split from the characters' perspectives, as the terms 'magic' and 'science' are mostly synonymous in-world. The tech level can seem a bit schizophrenic as a result, though it's all internally consistent. Holograms before pixelated screens, strong AI before consistently alloying steel etc.   There's also an approximate level of magical research where reach usually drastically exceeds grasp, leading to a Great Filter of sorts. You're hard pressed to find a culture that doesn't have roots in some sort of large-scale magical catastrophe. Basically every bit of land on the continent has experienced an apocalypse in recent memory (or will do within the next ~300-500 years).   I'm currently working on a game set in this world.     Most pages are copy-pasted from my personal notes with some minor editing. If you've got any questions, don't hesitate to ask! There's a lot more to the world than what's visible here- if something's referenced, chances are I've got notes on it that I haven't gotten around to posting yet. Best way to contact me would be through a reddit PM (/u/arg0ms).