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Briar Tea

While most flower teas are brewed from the petals or leaves, Briar Tea is unique in that it's main ingredient is thorns from the sweet briar plant. The taste is unpleasant to most species, but to Faekind, it is well known and very much desired.


It's believed that the earliest recipe for Briar Tea was invented by the elves thousands (If not tens of thousands) of years ago. At some point however, the Garden Fairies learned of this treat and adapted it for their own uses. Ffairies considered this to be a sacred dish, saved only for the most special of occassions (I.E. Corronation Ceremonies, Weddings, Funerals of famous fairies)



3-6 Thorns from a Briar Rose
1 Briar Rose Petal
1 Pot Hot Water


Step 1: Lay the thorns in the sun for a minimum of 2 days, leaving them as long as nessicary until they are fully dried, but only slightly withered. (Note: if preparing the drink for a member of the royal family, they cannot be placed on anything inorganic while drying- lay them gently on a flower petal or a leaf and replace each petal/leaf 3-4 times daily to maintain life.)
Step 2: Using a pestle and mortar (Traditionally one made from stone- not those cheap new porcelain ones,) finely grind thorns into a powder.
Step 3: Dump the powder into the center of a fresh Briar Rose petal. Fold the petal around the powder, enclosing it so it will not fall out. Use a thread to tie the petal enclosure in place.
Step 4: Steep petal and powder in hot water until the water changes to the desired color. Remove petal and serve.
Step 5: Enjoy!

Serving Instructions:

-When serving to a member of the royal family, tea must be prepared and served in organic dishes (I.E. A hollowed Acorn, or when dining with human-sized beings, a coconut. Dishes carved from wood are also appropriate.)
-When serving to non-fae races it is polite to offer sugar or honey.

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